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Claim up to 21% off in supported stores and receive your money directly to your smartphone.

Why travellers choose Woonivers?

Are you a non EU resident visiting Spain?
Did you know that you can now claim up to 21% off in supported stores using the Woonivers app?
Receive your money directly to your smartphone with Woonivers!

  • Fast
    Use Woonivers application for tax-free shopping and claim you VAT refund in less than 3 minutes!
  • Simple
    Forget about queuing! Simply request a standard receipt in-store, scan your receipts and we’ll do the rest.
  • Secure
    Woonivers is an officially licensed tax-free operator. We value simplicity and security and our technology ensures your personal data and money are kept safe.

Save up to 21% in supported stores!

  • Are you a non European resident travelling throughout Spain? The Woonivers app is the quickest and easiest way to claim tax-free shopping.
  • Everything you buy is up to 21% cheaper, provided that you scan your tickets or receipts, and carry the goods back to your country of residence.
  • Shop in any of our supported stores. Look out for the Woonivers logo!

The first paperless, 100% mobile tax-free provider

  • Forget the papers: scan your invoices using your smartphone’s camera.
  • Manage the whole process from your app. Together we can positively impact the environment!

Tax free has no limits

  • We believe in inclusive tax-free. Tax free was created to promote international commerce for the benefit of both travelers and stores. It’s not exclusively for the rich. Tax free shopping doesn’t only apply to luxury goods — it applies to all goods… in all stores!
  • Your ticket is your proof of purchase. All your tickets are stored safely within the Woonivers app. You can use them for proof of purchase, to claim your guarantee, or to file complaints if you’re unhappy.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Tax Refund?

The tax refund is the right of the tourist residing outside the European Union and who has made purchases in Spain to recover the VAT paid for these purchases.

What is the minimum spend for me to qualify for a tax free refund?

In Spain there is no minimum spend requirement to qualify for the reimbursement of the tax paid on purchases made by travelers.

Is it necessary to complete and scan a taxfree form in addition to the invoice from the store?

With Woonivers you do not need to request a taxfree form in the store. Woonivers will automatically generate this document every time you scan an invoice using the app.

Who has the right to recover taxes on purchases in Spain?

Travelers who habitually reside in a country that is not a member of the European Union. Additionally, within the European Union, there are special territories whose residents have the right to recover taxes on purchases in Spain.

For which product types can taxes be recovered?

The goods must not constitute a commercial expedition and they must have been acquired for personal or family use, or as gifts. The goods acquired must effectively leave the territory of the Community, within three months after the purchase was made. Likewise, tax refunds do not apply to services of any kind (accommodation, car rental, catering, ….) nor to goods that are totally or partially consumed in the territory of the Union (drinks, chocolates, perfumes).

When will I receive my refund?

Once your invoices have been validated in the DIVA System, you can request a refund and you’ll receive your money in less than 2 working days.