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How to get your
tax free
from your smartphone?

Save up to
21% when shopping in this store.

Do you live outside the European Union? Are you leaving the EU by the next 3 months? If that is the case, congratulations! You are entitled to a Tax Refund with goods purchased in this store!

No lines, no waiting: Complete all the process from your phone!



Enter the receipt in the app

Download the Woonivers app and enter your personal information. We’ll need your passport ready to finalize the registration.

Once you are signed in, take a photo of the receipt you were given in the store. Please do this soon enough before your departure date or you may lose your right to a VAT refund.


Pass Refund Control

On your day of departure, in the airport or port, look for the VAT Refund Authorization Area or customs control.

Here you will find the interactive kiosk or a customs office where you will be able to scan your tax free request code(s) the app will have generated for each of your store receipts. If there’s no machine, please search for the custom office to validate your tax free with a physical stamp.


Get your money back

Once at home, open the app, tap "Withdraw your funds" and enter your preferred payment method. In a few days, you will receive your money via international fund transfer.

Get the App

Something is going wrong?

Click the “Support” area in the app or call us at any of our contact phone numbers or send us an email to traveler@woonivers.com