Spain : VAT refunds available to ALL non EU travelers

Spanish VAT refund law change

In July 2018 restrictions were lifted on Spanish VAT refund law, now ALL non EU residents visiting Spain can reclaim VAT.

Previously VAT refunds were restricted to purchases greater than 90.15 EUR. This change entitles ALL non EU shoppers to VAT refunds on all purchases*, regardless of their value. Tax free for everyone!

This change has helped boost sales in the retail sector, whilst making tax free shopping all inclusive. No longer exclusive just for the purchase of luxury goods and big spenders. Now travellers have greater spending power within Spain, where products are competitively priced compared to other EU countries. Now your hard earned money goes so much further.

Remember : as a consumer it’s your right to claim a VAT refund on your travel shopping regardless of how much you spend. Make sure you don’t pay more than you have to – be sure to reclaim your VAT!

VAT refund operators

Well it’s true there are a number of tax-free operators willing to manage your VAT refund process! They all require you to request an invoice when making a purchase in-store.

When you arrive to the port or airport you must then complete lengthy tax-free forms which in turn must be individually stamped at the customs desk before returning to your country of residence. The queues are often long and trying to carry and store all these papers safely during your trip can be a tedious experience.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if there was a digital solution (which dragged tax free into the 21st Century), so you could literally just scan and go? No more forms to complete, no more waiting in line, an entirely digitised process…

Scan and go tax-free with Woonivers

We have the solution !

If you’re looking for a simple, digital, paperless service then download the Woonivers app for free. You can save up to 15.7% when shopping in supported stores throughout Spain.


The app is free to download and in just two simple steps you can receive your electronic VAT refund:

1- Scan your (standard) ticket/receipt in store: There’s no need to request an invoice meaning you can save time, and avoid those tricky conversations in a foreign language.

2- At the airport (before boarding your flight home), scan each of the QR codes displayed in the Woonivers app at the DIVA self-service machine: Don’t waste your time waiting in line at the customs desk, and better still, there’s no need  to complete a lengthy Tax Free Form refund forms. Simply follow the Woonivers in app step by step instructions.

Your money will then be deposited electronically into the secure ‘Savings’ section within the Woonivers app. From there you can decide what to do with your VAT refund, withdraw directly to your Credit Card or bank account. Simple!

Get Woonivers app

Don’t just take our word for it, download the app! Scan and go tax-free with Woonivers!

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